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Metro Arterial Roadway Planning Information Portal

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These webpages have been developed to provide local agencies in Los Angeles County with a specific set of multimodal planning tools for arterial roadways.

AITS CM – Click on the AITS CM tab to access the Los Angeles Arterial Intelligent Transportation Systems Configuration Management (AITS CM) Tool. The AITS Configuration Management Tool contains documents related to the Los Angeles Arterial ITS Architecture, as well as an online Architecture Change Request Form. The AITS CM Tool is the avenue to request a change to the Los Angeles Arterial ITS Architecture, or if you would just like to browse the Architecture documents.

AITS GIS – Click on the AITS GIS tab to access a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping tool developed as part of the Los Angeles Arterial ITS Architecture. This mapping tool allows the user to view various arterial ITS projects and ITS field element locations on a GIS map of Los Angeles County. Similar to the AITS CM tab, there is also a GIS Map Change Request Form available that local agencies can use to request changes and / or additions to the AITS GIS map. Changes might include adding new projects, expanding existing projects or adding ITS field elements to the map.

Bicycle – Click on the Bicycle tab to access various bicycle planning documents and maps for Los Angeles County.

CSAN – Click on the CSAN tab to access a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping tool that will allow you to view the Countywide Significant Arterial Network (CSAN), as well as Metro-funded projects on the CSAN.

CSAN Screenlines – Click on the CSAN Screenlines tab to access a mapping tool that shows CSAN screenline locations, as well as multimodal CSAN screenline data at the screenline locations.

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